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Affiliate Marketing

3 Truths of Affiliate Marketing

Affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing is a method large com­pa­nies use to expand their reach into new mar­kets and find new cus­tomers. An affil­i­ate mar­keter agrees to adver­tise the company’s prod­ucts or ser­vices; in return, the com­pany com­pen­sates the mar­keter for dri­ving busi­ness in their direc­tion. It’s a sim­ple con­cept, and with luck and a job done right, […]

Image credit: ""σάλτσα, tomato sauce" by" (Creative Commons)

Simple Tomato Sauce #2

If you want to try your hand at Ital­ian cook­ing from scratch, but aren’t sure what all to do, I have a great –and sim­ple– recipe for you. A great deal of Ital­ian food is based in or around a sauce. For south­ern Ital­ian cui­sine, the tomato-based sauces are gen­er­ally the rule. Today, I’m show­ing you […]


A Father’s Privilege


How To Make Your Own Word Cloud

A fast shout-out of appre­ci­a­tion this morn­ing to Wor­dle, whose very cool word-cloud-making tool has helped me make the new cover image for my Google Plus pro­file. Give them a look! Wor­dle is free, and the image you cre­ate can be used how­ever you like. Here’s my word cloud:


Easy Microwave Oven Cleanup

I don’t remem­ber where I first ran into this… but I know it works like a charm. All you need is a microwave-safe bowl and a lit­tle dish soap. Fill the bowl half-full with water, and add 1 cap­ful of dish soap Place the bowl in the microwave and run at high power for 6 min­utes. When the […]