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Accountability (United Workers, Creative Commons)

Teach Your Children Well #7: Own What Is Yours

I’ve been think­ing a lot about human nature lately. Some of this can’t be helped, I’m a the­olo­gian and the­olo­gians think about these things. But, on the earthly side of things, the recent law­suit filed against because some amaz­ing num­ber of chil­dren placed a lot of in-app pur­chases with­out parental per­mis­sion helped me clarify […]

Cast Iron Skillet

The Joy of Cast Iron Cookware

Cast-Iron: Sim­ple Qual­ity My belief is that any­one can cook just about any food with a few solid, basic items. While it can be fun and enjoy­able to col­lect gad­gets and what­not, in the end, you’re still going to need some good, durable cook­ware. This post is some­thing between a review and a revival: my […]

Copycat KFC Biscuits

Found this on Copy­cat Recipes:   Ingre­di­ents 3 cups flour 2 tbsp. sugar 3 tsp. salt 2 tbsp. bak­ing pow­der 1 1/3 cups milk 2/3 cup short­en­ing  Recipe Pre­heat oven to 425 degrees. Add flour, sugar, bak­ing pow­der and salt to a mix­ing bowl and stir gen­tly. Con­sider using a sifter to ensure an even mix­ture. Cre­ate a hole, or […]

Thanks For Reading

Thanks For Reading!

Thanks For Read­ing “Liv­ing Well Through Liv­ing Sim­ply!”   I believe in giv­ing thanks — to God, from whom all bless­ings flow, and to those who bless my life in ways large or small.  Today I’m paus­ing to say “thank you” to every­one who reads my blog. It’s not a “big” blog, but I know […]

Biscuits on the Griddle

Garlic Toasted Biscuits

Left­overs Are a Good Thing! In my fam­ily, “left­overs” were never a bad thing. Either we had some­thing good left for another meal, or we had some “raw mate­r­ial” to cook up some­thing awe­some in a new meal a day or two later. This quick recipe is an exam­ple of how you can add a little […]