Apple Cider, racked to secondary to clarify before bottling.

Apple Pie Cyser

I first pub­lished  this in early 2013, and it’s been one of my most pop­u­lar recipes. Since we’re mov­ing into fall when cool weather and the hol­i­days make us think of apples and cider, I’m repub­lish­ing for my newer read­ers. Enjoy!


Three Uses For Simple Syrup

Sim­ple syrup is some­thing that’s around us all the time, and unless you’re look­ing, you might not have real­ized just how exten­sively it’s used in our daily food and drink. Have you ever pur­chased canned fruit? If it was in light or heavy syrup… you were deal­ing with sim­ple syrup. Sim­ple syrup is used by […]

Protected: The Secret of the Magic Gem

There is no excerpt because this is a pro­tected post.

"Divorce," by Jo Christian Oterhals (Creative Commons)

And... We're Done

A New Time of Life I’ve had the note on my bio for a while that I’m a sin­gle father.  It’s been about six months since  I’ve embarked on the jour­ney toward  sin­gle par­ent­hood; about a week ago, the trans­for­ma­tion was com­pleted. In a short time, almost exactly 20 years after we met, a judge has […]