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The road of Lean production of Loda Technology

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Lean production is a mode of production with the main goal of minimizing the waste of enterprise production and reducing production management and operation costs. It is also an idea, a culture.。


In 2013, in order to adapt its suppliers to its own lean production system, Philips put forward requirements for downstream suppliers to establish lean production system. For this reason, Philips conducted lean production training for downstream suppliers and evaluated and rewarded the lean production proposals put forward by suppliers. Until now, most suppliers, including Longde Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Longde") did not have the concept of lean production. Starting from scratch, He began shaking hands with lean production.

Lean production originated from "Toyota Production Mode" of Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, which aims to reduce costs, shorten production cycle and improve quality by eliminating non-value-added activities (i.e., waste) at all links of the enterprise. Among them, "jing" means fine, precise and exquisite; "Benefit" means benefit, benefit, etc. In the early stage, Longde lean production was mainly to meet the audit of Philips. However, with continuous improvement of lean production, Longde gradually found that this production mode did play an optimization role in safety, efficiency, quality and other aspects. After tasting the benefits brought by advanced production methods, Longde began to take the initiative to carry out independent extension outside the scope of Philips audit on lean production, formed systematic management of lean production internally and began to mobilize all employees to participate.

Compared with traditional production, lean production emphasizes full participation. In traditional production, employees and departments are used to doing things according to instructions and are only responsible for their positions. They do not take the initiative to know what can be optimized or improved in the production process, let alone have the concept of continuous improvement. Lean production, on the other hand, allows employees to come up with ideas for improvements across the entire production line, rather than just improving the processes for which they are responsible. Due to its own limitations, it is difficult for a single department to achieve overall control. This kind of production mode just optimizes this aspect of the problem, so that the entire production from the original single mode to the team mode, through the cooperation between various departments, to jointly find the optimal solution in production, so that the production line always in the best state, in order to achieve the highest production efficiency and product quality. With lean production, you get into a mindset of continuous improvement.

However, changing people's thinking is the most difficult, and Lunde also encountered this problem in promoting lean production. How to motivate employees to actively participate in lean production? First of all, the person in charge of science and technology sector and senior leaders such as General Manager Of Longde attach great importance to it and give strong support in terms of resources and rewards. Secondly, departments actively cooperate with each other. One person from each department is assigned to set up a Lean production team to promote lean production. Third, establish a lean production demonstration line, and start from the demonstration line to carry out staff training. Last but not least, the lean production management team of Longde applied for the Lean Production Award, which was used to award the excellent lean production proposal that year. Under the combined action of the above measures, Longde successfully passed the painful period of reform. In the second year of lean production implementation, longde (Huizhou Company) employees have been generally aware of continuous improvement. In February 2017, The Lean production management team of Longde innovated the incentive policy, and the reward was upgraded from 100 to 5000 yuan to 10% of the value generated in the proposal year (not capped), which greatly enhanced the enthusiasm of employees. There were as many as 80 proposals of lean production in 2019, which involved all aspects of lean production. In the early stage, Longde (Shenzhen) was mainly responsible for research and development. In the second half of 2017, it officially began to implement lean production. In just two years, under the dual role of lean production training and bonus incentive, Shenzhen Longde lean production achieved remarkable results, saving 1.2 million yuan through lean production in the first half of 2019.





2458WIPThe advantages of changing from manual shrapnel pressing to automaton mounting are as follows:

1、Efficiency: 300PCS/ person/hour to 1300PCS/ hour

2、Automatic inspection of defective leakage and discharge of defective products



Welding machine: Add buffer at welding pressure sensitive station。

There is no buffer in the stroke of the soldering iron head when the original pressure sensitivity is welding. In the process, when the pressure sensitivity is accompanied by a large deviation of the outside diameter, the direct impact contact pressure sensitivity is easy to cause pressure sensitive damage.



With the continuous promotion of lean production, Longde has realized many optimization in production and manufacturing. Under the premise of guaranteeing the supply demand of Philips, Longde (Huizhou Company) optimized the inventory management and reduced the inventory cycle of finished products from three weeks (including the client) to two weeks, so as to reduce the inventory and effectively prevent sluggish products. In addition, Longde (Huizhou Company) greatly implemented automation improvement, reducing the number of front-line workers of 180 motors by nearly 50%; Solve the problem of personnel loss in key positions by cultivating versatile workers, and significantly reduce the cost of human resources. The scrap rate also fell from 1.35% in 2018 to 1.0% in the first half of 2019. Longde (Shenzhen) has also achieved many optimizations in lean production improvement, among which the scrap rate has dropped from 2.2% in 2018 to 0.9% in the first half of 2019, greatly reducing the cost incurred by scrap. The thinking of lean production and continuous improvement has been deeply into the daily work of every Longde employee.



The first Lean production Recognition conference



Lean Production Recognition 2018


With the continuous deepening of Longde lean production, the room for improvement is gradually narrowing. In the future, Longde will focus on design optimization, reducing quality cost, reducing inventory cost through VMI (inventory managed by suppliers) and reducing various wastes to deepen lean production. Meanwhile, Longde will communicate more with shengrong and other brothers to share and learn each other's lean production experience and make progress together.

Lean production is a process of continuous improvement and optimization. In this process, Longde always emphasizes safety first and quality as the root, and seeks for the optimal solution in manufacturing under the premise of ensuring production safety and product quality.